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PurAir Filters, LLC began as Sextan, Inc in 2001. The company initially entered into a distributor agreement with Purifan™, Inc., the developer and manufacturer of a ceiling air purifier. At that time, the focus of the clean air market was eliminating smoke from tobacco products in public establishments. This established a high demand for clean air systems. Then the nation began initiating smoking bans of tobacco products in public places, which had a dramatic effect on the clean air industry. As a result, the Purifan™, Inc. distributor agreement with Sextan, Inc. was not renewed in 2005. The name Sextan, Inc. was then changed to PurAir Filters, LLC.

PurAir Filters, LLC responded to the changing market. Customers asked for help with air purification issues beyond tobacco smoke. New applications emerged requiring additional types of filters. Many combinations of filters were developed and tested to handle sawdust, concrete dust, welding gases and other clean air issues. In addition to these industrial issues, the product line has also expanded to meet the growing needs for clean air by customers looking to solve allergy issues and other household air quality issues.

PurAir Filters. LLC currently offers products that will assist the consumer in dealing with many air purification issues such as: Home Sickness, Household Air Quilty and Allergies.

PurAir Filters, LLC has no affiliation with Purifan™ its products or its management ethics. We manufacture many types of filters of the highest quality at reduced costs to the consumer because there are no distributors to pay. We address air quality issues in a variety of environments for equipment that is not manufactured by PurAir Filters.

FILTERS for ceiling air purifiers: PAF Standard, PAF HEPA, PAF Double Charcoal, PAF Potassium

ROOM AIR PURIFIERS: Natures Air Purifier – model N2-A Environet Air Purifier – AA500 with UV lamps

BUG CONTROL PRODUCTS: Mosquito Motel – model MM-01 Insect Inn – model Ultra II

PurAir Filters, LLC is dedicated to meeting customer needs and always uses the highest quality materials assembled under the highest quality standards. To fulfill this need, PurAir Filters, LLC is continually working on new products to assist the customer with new threats to every day health issues.

Standard Filter - PAF-STD
The Standard Filter is designed with a thick layer of impregnated charcoal and a high collection pre-filter, it works well in smoke and odor environments.

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The HEPA filter is designed with a high collection pre-filter, impregnated charcoal, HEPA filter (which removes particles down to 3 microns) and a final finish charcoal piece. This filter works well for smoke, allergens, Odors in homes and offices.

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Double Charcoal PAF-DDC
The Double Charcoal Filter is designed with the high collection pre-filter, 2 layers of impregnated charcoal and a final filter. The user for this filter is the environment that has high levels of smoke and odors like busy bars and service clubs.

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Potassium Permanganate PAF-POT
The Potassium Permanganate Filter is designed to remove high levels of dense smoke, odors, and other chemicals that impregnated charcoal can not remove.

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